Getting out of a Magisk-induced bootloop

Mobile, Guide

April 27, 2024

You install a module via Magisk on your phone, reboot…and reboot…and reboot…and reboot…you’re in what’s called a bootloop. Something you installed caused a problem somewhere in the boot process, and now you can’t start your phone. However, fear not – the Magisk devs have accounted for this.

Turn off your phone, then start it up in safe mode. The key combination for this will vary by manufacturer and phone model; on my Samsung Galaxy S10, I hold the volume down button. This will start up the phone with a lot of applications disabled, and also with Magisk disabled.

However, the key thing is that Magisk is set to create an empty file named ‘disable’ in modules directories, which disables all modules for the next reboot. So, you can immediately reboot your phone normally, and it should start up. Then, through the Magisk app interface, you can remove whatever module you last installed, and hopefully fix the bootloop.